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Today, I am doing a tag that the lovely Danni @ ForBooksSake tagged me in and it is the Piano Playlist tag created by the incredible Moi @ Bookish Blunders who I have linked back to their blog here so make sure to check her out as well as going to check out Danni’s blog because she posts wonderful content and you guys would be missing out fi you didn’t!

Alright, we are getting on with the tag now so here are the rules and then the questions.


  1. Post the rules in your…post
  2. Answer all of the questions and if you’ve never heard the songs, listen to them before you answer the questions
  3. Link the creator and the person who nominated you (both of them are linked above)
  4. Nominate eight people. Only 8. (Why? There’s no Symphony no.9 so…)
  5. Use the featured image I’ve posted on this tag (It’s been drawn by Moi and she’d like some recognition).


Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata: a book you read that had an unexpected plot twist at the end.

One of Us is Lying by Karen M.McManus.

This book is incredible and that ending had me shocked, like all Karen M.McManus books make me. I had to take a couple of minutes to get over the ending because it was that intense lol.

Lizst – La Camparella: a book that you couldn’t even finish

Broken Branches, by Vaneeta Kaur.

I got about half way through this book and just coolant get the motivation to pick it back up again as I just wasn’t invested in the story. I had originally been reading it as part of Woody’s Roundup Readathon which is well underway at the moment. In fact, me and some of my other co-hosts are holding some live reading sprints over on Lily’s channel (which you can find here) so feel free to come and join us and get some books read.

Rimsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee: a book that was crazy and chaotic that you couldn’t even figure out what was happening.

The Devil and the Dark Water, by Stuart Turton.

This book was a super wild ride and honestly I had no idea what was going on for the most part of this book. I mean there was a devil at one point and then there wasn’t and then they were shipwrecked and there was just a lot of twists and turns and I was super the whole time but I loved it.

Mozart – Rondo Alla Turca: a book that is so over-recommended that everyone and their grandma has read it (it’s still good though).

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, by V.E.Schwab.

I know that this book is super hyped up but omg it deserved all of the hype that it got because it was absolutely incredible and I loved it so much. I know that there are accusations that it is Eurocentric, and while it is a little bit, I just became absorbed by the story and wanted to learn more about Addie and how her choice affected her.

Beethoven – Fur Elise: a book that has been one of your favourites for ages.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

I’ve talked about this book before and don’t really think that I need to again lol.

Chopin – Fontaise Impromptu: a book that is high up on your to be read list.

This one has so many options it is literally unreal. But, I think I am going to have to go with A Kind of Spark, by Elle McNicoll.

I got this as a present from my lovely friend Lily and so I absolutely need to read it soon so that I can message her about it and we can scream about it together.

Beethoven – Sonata no.17 “Tempest3rd movement : a book that you love but isn’t well known.

I’m going to go with Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child.

I absolutely adore this book series so much, I read it when I was about twelve or thirteen and just absolutely adored it. I still love it now and I think that it should be read by more people.

Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: a book that is extremely long, but you still like it.

Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R.Tolkein. And I am talking the edition when all three books are together because that book is massive.

I love this book so much and am currently doing a reread with some of my bookish friends from The Write Reads gang over on twitter. We just reread the Hobbit and it honestly felt like coming home and it was so comforting. I cannot wait to read the Lord of the rings books next as I remember less about those than the Hobbit.

Debussy – Claire De Lune: a book that was wonderful from start to finish.

So many! But the most recent one is Bad Habits, by Flynn Meaney!

This entire book was just absolutely incredible and of course wonderful from start to finish. Plus, the cover is incredible and so colourful and just perfect for the book. This book is out now and so you guys should definitely go and check it out too.


I am going to open up the tags to anyone of course, but the eight people I am tagging are…

  1. Fiona
  2. Ellie
  3. Emily
  4. Sammie
  5. Becky
  6. Kerri
  7. Ashlee
  8. Jenny


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