The Mystery Blogger Award #3

Hello loves! We are back with another tag that I was tagged in a while ago and have only gotten around to now but that is ok. Someday I will make it through all of my backlogged posts and be back in the present lol. Anyways, the lovely Rosie tagged me in this post soContinue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award #3”

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Hello loves! I was tagged for this one a little while ago by Danni over at ForBooksSake so firstly, sorry it took me so long to getting around to this but here we are! Of course, do not forget to go and check out her blog because it so wonderful and I love the contentContinue reading “The Outstanding Blogger Award”

Piano Playlist Tag

Hello loves! Today, I am doing a tag that the lovely Danni @ ForBooksSake tagged me in and it is the Piano Playlist tag created by the incredible Moi @ Bookish Blunders who I have linked back to their blog here so make sure to check her out as well as going to check outContinue reading “Piano Playlist Tag”

Characters of the Year Tag, 2020 edition

Hello loves! I have a really fun tag for you today that I was tagged in by Ashlee over at Books are 42, so thank you Ashlee!! Make sure you go and check out her blog because it is really wonderful and she posts some wonderful bookish content. So, the premise of this tag isContinue reading “Characters of the Year Tag, 2020 edition”

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