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The New Year Tag

Hello loves! So the lovely Fiona tagged me to do this post last week I think (time is still kind of relative at the moment) and I’m finally getting round to it. So thank you so much Fiona for the tag, you guys should definitely go and check out her blog if you are notContinue reading “The New Year Tag”

Winterling, review

Hello loves! We have made it through my backlist of reviews for 2020 and we have reached my review for the Middle Grade Marvels December pick, Winterling!! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get round to this book but we’re not going to talk about that haha. Anyways, you guys shouldContinue reading “Winterling, review”

Resolutions Tag

Hello loves! So I saw this tag over on the lovely Kate’s blog (The Quick and the Read) and just had to give it a go because it looked so much fun and It’s seasonal, even though it is already half way through January haha. This tag was created by Mikaela Reads, so make sureContinue reading “Resolutions Tag”

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