Europe Traveller Book Tag

Hello loves! So a little bit ago I was tagged by Jenny in the Europe Traveller Book Tag and I am only getting around to it now. I will try and get a christmassy post out for Christmas Eve but I cannot promise anything! Please go and check out Jenny’s post and her blog asContinue reading “Europe Traveller Book Tag”

Mid Year Freak Out Tag, 2021 edition!

Hello loves! Finally I am bring you my answers to the mid year freak out tag and I am so excited to talk about all the books I have loved and books I am excited to read and some other questions that I am sure you are all familiar with by now. First, I wantContinue reading “Mid Year Freak Out Tag, 2021 edition!”

The Reader Problems Book Tag

Hello loves! Today I am bringing you another tag in my blog! I found this tag over on And on She Reads (Erika really has some awesome tags over on her blog) and I immediately wanted to do it haha. I hope that you guys are doing well and that life isn’t too hectic atContinue reading “The Reader Problems Book Tag”

Seven Books for Seven Days tag

Hello loves! Today I am bringing you my answers to the Seven Books for Seven Days tag that was created by the lovely Daryan over on Daryan reads on YouTube and which she tagged me in on twitter. I am super excited because not only do I love this tag but I am so happyContinue reading “Seven Books for Seven Days tag”

WhateverAThon TBR

Hello loves! I am taking part in yet another readathon for the month of June and I a very excited. WhaterverAThon is a readathon hosted by Maddie at BookBrowsingBlog on YouTube and she has done an exceptional job getting it all organised and sorted. It’s all a tad complicated so if you want to knowContinue reading “WhateverAThon TBR”

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