Piano Playlist Tag

Hello loves! Today, I am doing a tag that the lovely Danni @ ForBooksSake tagged me in and it is the Piano Playlist tag created by the incredible Moi @ Bookish Blunders who I have linked back to their blog here so make sure to check her out as well as going to check outContinue reading “Piano Playlist Tag”

Characters of the Year Tag, 2020 edition

Hello loves! I have a really fun tag for you today that I was tagged in by Ashlee over at Books are 42, so thank you Ashlee!! Make sure you go and check out her blog because it is really wonderful and she posts some wonderful bookish content. So, the premise of this tag isContinue reading “Characters of the Year Tag, 2020 edition”

The Obsidian Mask, review

Hello loves! Do we have another 2020 review today? You bet ya, hahaha. In all seriousness, today I have a review for The Obsidian Mask by Caroline Ludovici which is a middle grade book set around an archaeological site and I really loved it! Of course I would love to thank the author for aContinue reading “The Obsidian Mask, review”

Reflecting on 2020 and looking to 2021

Hello loves! So I know that this wrap up style post is a little bit late but you know that’s ok, I’v had a lot going on and have only now begun to sit down and reflect on last year. But here it is now and it’s better late than never right? Anyways, I guessContinue reading “Reflecting on 2020 and looking to 2021”

The Evermore Book Tag

Hello loves! So the absolutely stunning Cielo over at Bellerose reads tagged me in this really cool Taylor Swift book tag based around her new album. And of course I am listening to it as I write this tag because is there any other way to answer these really cool questions. I guess the onlyContinue reading “The Evermore Book Tag”

The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag 2020

Hello loves! I have my first christmassy book tag for you guys today. What a treat!! So I first saw this on Stephen’s blog and was going to do it from there and then the lovely Fiona tagged me and so I have two wonderful bloggers to mention before I get into the questions today.Continue reading “The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag 2020”

What is Ancient History #8

Hello loves! We have another one of these today because I don’t have any reviews to post, when this goes up I will have finished with my university and be back at home for the Christmas period so I’m sorry if I don’t post as much over the festive period. Anyways you guys voted forContinue reading “What is Ancient History #8”

Mystery Blogger Award, #2

Hello loves! So the absolutely lovely Danni and Jenny have nominated me for this award, which means that you should all go and check her out because she is simply wonderful and posts she really great content over on her blog. Thank you Danni for the tag, I am really looking forward to answering theContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award, #2”

Girl, Woman, Other review

Hello loves! Summary Teeming with life and crackling with energy — a love song to modern Britain and black womanhood Girl, Woman, Other follows the lives and struggles of twelve very different characters. Mostly women, black and British, they tell the stories of their families, friends and lovers, across the country and through the years. JoyfullyContinue reading “Girl, Woman, Other review”

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