The Evermore Book Tag

Hello loves! So the absolutely stunning Cielo over at Bellerose reads tagged me in this really cool Taylor Swift book tag based around her new album. And of course I am listening to it as I write this tag because is there any other way to answer these really cool questions. I guess the onlyContinue reading “The Evermore Book Tag”

Dark Academia book tag

Hello loves, We have another tag coming your way today because I have still don’t have a book to review (I’m so close to finishing a couple though). Today, we have the Dark Academia tag that I found on stories for coffee YouTube, which was originally created by carolynmariereads and emmie on YouTube so maeContinue reading “Dark Academia book tag”

Behind the Blogger tag

Hello loves! I was tagged by the wonderful Ellie over at Read to Ramble and so here we go. The rules Thank the person who tagged you. Answer all the questions down below. Ping back to the creator. Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about, to do this tag. Why did you startContinue reading “Behind the Blogger tag”

The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus character book tag

Hello loves! So, we have another tag to do today and I am very exited for this one because if you don’t know like most teens a couple of years ago I loved Percy Jackson so much and am still obsessed with it. And omg I cannot wait to watch the Disney+ series that isContinue reading “The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus character book tag”

Summer Bucket List Tag

Hello loves !! I have another exciting tag for you guys today, the summer bucket list tag that the lovely Danni and I am very excited to do this one as I love bucket lists and answering bookish questions. Before I get into it, let me tell you the rules of the tag. Rules LinkContinue reading “Summer Bucket List Tag”

Disney Parks Book Tag

Hello loves! So I was tagged in this wonderful tag by Danni over at _ForBooksSake , so thank you vey much lovely!! This tag was created by the wonderful Reading by Starlight so go check out their answers as well. The rules Mention the creator of the tag and link back to the original postContinue reading “Disney Parks Book Tag”

Mystery Blogger Award

Hello loves!! So I was kindly nominated by the lovely Mayu (bookshelflifenow on wordpress)for this award, and it made me every happy and I wanted to get on this as soon as possible because I have a couple of other posts that are waiting in the wings! I hope you have all been enjoying myContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

Folklore Book Tag

Hello loves! So I was tagged by the wonderful bellerosereads to take part in her original Taylor Swift’s Folklore book tag. (original post linked bellow) Hey everyone! Welcome to a very special post of mine that I wasn’t expecting to do (thank you miss Swift for the pleasant surprise folklore was), but… Taylor Swift’s FolkloreContinue reading “Folklore Book Tag”

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