Act Your Age Eve Brown, review

Hello loves! In order to celebrate the publication of this absolutely incredible book I am posting my full review here so that you can read me gush about how amazing it is lol. But seriously, you all need to go and read this book now that it is officially out in the world. I wasContinue reading “Act Your Age Eve Brown, review”

Desire of Whimsey, review

Hello loves! Today I am origin you the last of my January reviews, woo hoo! We can now start to move through the backlog into February once I have told you about the lovely novella that is Deisre of Whimsey, by Charlotte Barksdale. I was kindly provided with a copy of this book by theContinue reading “Desire of Whimsey, review”

A Pinch of Magic, review

Hello loves! We are still making our way through my backlog of reviews and we getting there slowly but surely. I am very glad that we have reached my review for A Pinch of Magic, by Michelle Harrison which I read in January for Middle Grade Marvels. This is a book club run by twoContinue reading “A Pinch of Magic, review”

Rangers Oath, blog tour

Hello loves! Two posts two days in a row? Yes, I am spoiling you right now and it will not stop as we have a busy couple of months ahead of us!! Anyways, today I am bringing you another BBNYA finalist blog tour and this time it is for the wonderful Fall of Radiance, RangersContinue reading “Rangers Oath, blog tour”

Woody’s Roundup Readathon, roundup

Hello loves! Can you believe that it is march already?? Seriously, where is the year going? Anyways, for those of who didn’t know (and a reminder for those who did) I took part and helped co-host Woody’s Roundup Readathon throughout the month of February and it was so much fun! If you want to knowContinue reading “Woody’s Roundup Readathon, roundup”

Murder on the Orient Express, review

Hello loves! Once again we are just going to ignore how late this is and move on because I have an insane backlist of reviews and I am so ashamed. Anyways, last month I read Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie with some of my friends from The Write Reads gang and itContinue reading “Murder on the Orient Express, review”

Trope-ical Readathon TBR

Hello loves! So I am taking part in the Trope-ical Readathon in March and I am really excited to do so. Plus, I have the extra joy of hosting some sprints over on the Trope-ical sprints twitter, which is here, just in case you aren’t following it already and I am also going to beContinue reading “Trope-ical Readathon TBR”

The Mystery Blogger Award #3

Hello loves! We are back with another tag that I was tagged in a while ago and have only gotten around to now but that is ok. Someday I will make it through all of my backlogged posts and be back in the present lol. Anyways, the lovely Rosie tagged me in this post soContinue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award #3”

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