The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag 2020

Hello loves! I have my first christmassy book tag for you guys today. What a treat!! So I first saw this on Stephen’s blog and was going to do it from there and then the lovely Fiona tagged me and so I have two wonderful bloggers to mention before I get into the questions today.Continue reading “The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag 2020”

Mystery Blogger Award, #2

Hello loves! So the absolutely lovely Danni and Jenny have nominated me for this award, which means that you should all go and check her out because she is simply wonderful and posts she really great content over on her blog. Thank you Danni for the tag, I am really looking forward to answering theContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award, #2”

Fantasy Trope Tag

Hello loves! Yes, we are back for another tag today lovlelies. This time for the Fantasy Trope challenge which I found over on Holly’s so make sure to go and check out her post too, so thank you Holly for letting me take part in this really cool tag. Also, It’s my 20th birthday todayContinue reading “Fantasy Trope Tag”

Greek God Tag

Hello loves! I have yet another fun tag, this time it’s Greek mythology themed and honestly I don’t think I could have found a tag that fits more with my blog. I found this over on the gorgeous Hannah’s blog so let us all thank her for allowing me to answer these questions. Rules PingbackContinue reading “Greek God Tag”

Beauty and the Beast, tag

Hello loves! The absolutely wonderful Kerri tagged me in this awesome book tag. I absolutely adore Beauty and the Beast as a Disney movie and Belle is my favourite Disney princess, because I always seem to identify with her. I mean she loves books, I love books, she had brown hair, I have brown hairContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast, tag”

Finally Fall Tag

Hello loves! Another Autumn tag that I have gotten in just in time lol. I was tagged by Stephen so make sure to go and check him out, and read his answers to the questions as well! As per usual, we are just going to get straight into it today… In fall, the air isContinue reading “Finally Fall Tag”

Autumn Reading Tag

Hello loves! Another tag, and still in Autumn (only by a couple of weeks though). And for this tag I was kindly tagged by the wonderful Danni over at For Books Sake, so as per usual go and check out her wonderful blog and other bookish posts. So, today I have the Autumn Reading TagContinue reading “Autumn Reading Tag”

Halloween Creatures Tag

Hello loves! I know that once again, this Halloween tag is slightly late but what can you do? Today, we have another tag for which the wonderful Danni again tagged me in. So, once again I will tell you to go and check out her incredible blog! And, as per usual, without further ado letContinue reading “Halloween Creatures Tag”

The Relationshipper Book Tag

Hello loves! Have I been tagged in a fun tag again? Yes. Am I excited as ever? Of Course. So, the wonderful Hannah tagged me to take part in this book tag and I am very excited because I am and always will be a very energetic shipper of characters (I will then defend thoseContinue reading “The Relationshipper Book Tag”

Meet the Blogger book tag

Hello loves! Another fun book tag for you guys today, which I saw over on Kate’s blog so make sure you go check out her blog and her answers to these questions. I really enjoyed reading her answers and wanted to do these questions so without further ado let’s get into this very fun blogContinue reading “Meet the Blogger book tag”

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