The Mystery Blogger Award #3

Hello loves! We are back with another tag that I was tagged in a while ago and have only gotten around to now but that is ok. Someday I will make it through all of my backlogged posts and be back in the present lol. Anyways, the lovely Rosie tagged me in this post soContinue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award #3”

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Hello loves! I was tagged for this one a little while ago by Danni over at ForBooksSake so firstly, sorry it took me so long to getting around to this but here we are! Of course, do not forget to go and check out her blog because it so wonderful and I love the contentContinue reading “The Outstanding Blogger Award”

Mystery Blogger Award, #2

Hello loves! So the absolutely lovely Danni and Jenny have nominated me for this award, which means that you should all go and check her out because she is simply wonderful and posts she really great content over on her blog. Thank you Danni for the tag, I am really looking forward to answering theContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award, #2”

The Smaugette Award

Hello loves! So I was nominated for this a little while ago by the lovely Laura over at The Corner of Laura. And as a fan of both The Hobbit and LoTR the title of this award made me very happy, plus Smaug (especially in the movie) is such an awesome part of The Hobbit,Continue reading “The Smaugette Award”

The Liebster Award, take 2

Hello loves! I was tagged by the lovely Kerri to take part in my second Liebster Award! And her questions are absolutely incredible so I cannot wait to answer them for you and then nominate another round of eleven bloggers to join in this wonderful tag/award. I hope that you like my answers Kerri :).Continue reading “The Liebster Award, take 2”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello loves! I was nominated for another fun Q&A style award by the absolutely lovely Lily, so please go check out her post first because her answers are very insightful and I’m really looking forward to answering the questions that she asked me. So, before I get into the questions here are the rules. RulesContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Liebster Award

Hello there! I have another fun tag/award today, for which I was tagged by the lovely Becky over at Crook’s Books so a massive thank you to her and a note to you guys to go and check out her wonderfully blog as well. Before I get into it the lovely set of questions askedContinue reading “Liebster Award”

Mystery Blogger Award

Hello loves!! So I was kindly nominated by the lovely Mayu (bookshelflifenow on wordpress)for this award, and it made me every happy and I wanted to get on this as soon as possible because I have a couple of other posts that are waiting in the wings! I hope you have all been enjoying myContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

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