Barnaby Brown and the Baetylus Stones, review

Hello loves! So, I am still making my way through a backlog of 2020 reviews so bear with me! But this time, we have a sequel to a book I reviewed earlier in the year (which can be read here) called Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine by Micheal A. Gordon and because I hadContinue reading “Barnaby Brown and the Baetylus Stones, review”

What is Ancient History #8

Hello loves! We have another one of these today because I don’t have any reviews to post, when this goes up I will have finished with my university and be back at home for the Christmas period so I’m sorry if I don’t post as much over the festive period. Anyways you guys voted forContinue reading “What is Ancient History #8”

What is Ancient History #7

Hello loves! So I know that this has been a long time coming, again, but because I love this series so much I felt the need to make a new instalment of it for you lovelies. As I always do with these posts, I put a poll on my twitter to see what you guysContinue reading “What is Ancient History #7”

What is Ancient History #6

Hello loves! So recently I took to twitter to see what you would like this episode to be about and the option that received the most votes was the story of Atlantis, which Is what this post will be about. I am super excited because I love the idea of a lost underwater civilisation andContinue reading “What is Ancient History #6”

What is Ancient History #5

Hello loves! As with all of this series, I realised that I advent done an instalment of this in a little while and as I sit here with Hercules on in the background (the Disney version of course) I was struck by inspiration to write a post about movies inspired by Ancient History/mythology. So, theContinue reading “What is Ancient History #5”

What is Ancient History #4

Hello loves! I know I have taken a small sabbatical from this series but we are back again with something that has been inspired by my recent reading in SPQR, by Mary Beard. The part that I am reading is all about the late Republic which is my favourite period in Roman history, meaning thatContinue reading “What is Ancient History #4”

What is Ancient History? #3

Hello loves! Seeing as quite a few of you guys enjoyed my post about Athena I thought that I would firstly make this a weekly feature over on my blog as I endeavour to make my content much more regular and everyday. It might not have a set day for a while but we’ll seeContinue reading “What is Ancient History? #3”

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