The Lore of Prometheus, blog tour

Hello loves! Today I am bringing you my review of The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King as part of a blog tour organised by The Write Reads over on twitter because it came first in last years BBNYA competition. And I loved this book! I will make sure that all of the necessary thingsContinue reading “The Lore of Prometheus, blog tour”

Stay Mad Sweetheart, blog tour

Hello loves! I am bringing you another BBNYA blog tour, this time for the 3rd place finalist in BBNYA 2020 Stay Mad Sweetheart by Heleen Kist. I would like to thank BBNYA, The Write Reads and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I will make sure toContinue reading “Stay Mad Sweetheart, blog tour”

Rangers Oath, blog tour

Hello loves! Two posts two days in a row? Yes, I am spoiling you right now and it will not stop as we have a busy couple of months ahead of us!! Anyways, today I am bringing you another BBNYA finalist blog tour and this time it is for the wonderful Fall of Radiance, RangersContinue reading “Rangers Oath, blog tour”

Marrow Charm, blog tour

Hello loves! Today I am bringing you a blog tour for another BBNYA finalist and that today is Marrow Charm, by Kristin Jacques which I have already reviewed and so I am going to link my review down below and include all the information that you need to know about this wonderful book and theContinue reading “Marrow Charm, blog tour”

Calico Thunder Rides Again, blog tour

Hello loves! I ma bringing you another BBNYA finalist tour and today that is for, as the title of the blog post suggests for Calico Thunder Rides Again by T.A.Hernandez and it was a five star read for sure. I will put all the author information and all of the information about BBNYA after myContinue reading “Calico Thunder Rides Again, blog tour”

Ever Alice, blog tour

Hello loves! Two blog tour posts in two days, woo!! Anyways, today I am bringing you my review for Ever Alice by H.J.Ramsay as part of the BBNYA blog tour that the author won for coming 10th in the final round. I loved this retelling of Alice in Wonderland and let me tell you itContinue reading “Ever Alice, blog tour”

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