What is Ancient History? #2

Hello loves!! So, by now you will have seen my post about the demigods readathon over here and I promised a part two so here we have it. I was placed into the Athena cabin and so, here is a post all about the wonderful goddess Athena in Greek mythology. So without further ado, letsContinue reading “What is Ancient History? #2”

Demigods readathon 2020

Hello loves! So I’m taking part in the demigods readathon over on instagram, so go check out my posts there as well. But I thought that I should come over here and talk about it as well. The prompts and my books First of all, I’m going to talk about what I’m going to beContinue reading “Demigods readathon 2020”

Crowns of Croswald review

Hello loves! So, we’ve had a lot of bookish posts recently and I’m honestly not mad about it but I promise that there will be some other posts coming soon I just have a lot of books to review at the moment. There’s another Ancient History related post coming soon, which is linked to aContinue reading “Crowns of Croswald review”

The Book Thief Review

Hello loves! We have another book review today, and it’s for The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak which I read for a read along by the wonderful @pagesofachillles over on instagram and here on wordpress. She’s super lovely and posts gorgeous pictures so go give her a follow! Without further ado let’s get into thisContinue reading “The Book Thief Review”

Review: Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine

Hello loves! So I was kindly given this book by the author to review and I really enjoyed it! It’s an MG that will start pushing towards YA as the books continue all about time travel. Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine, by Michael A Gordon ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Summary Barnaby is an English boy, new toContinue reading “Review: Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine”

Folklore Book Tag

Hello loves! So I was tagged by the wonderful bellerosereads to take part in her original Taylor Swift’s Folklore book tag. (original post linked bellow) Hey everyone! Welcome to a very special post of mine that I wasn’t expecting to do (thank you miss Swift for the pleasant surprise folklore was), but… Taylor Swift’s FolkloreContinue reading “Folklore Book Tag”

Review: The Secret Letters, Taryn Lynn

Hello loves! I have another book review for you guys today! I was kindly given an eARC of this by the author herself in advance of publication day on August 9th, and its available to preorder at the moment from Amazon, online bookstores and the author herself. There will be more information on the authorContinue reading “Review: The Secret Letters, Taryn Lynn”

Review: Under A Starry Sky

Hello loves! And we’re back to the regularly scheduled book posts with another review and I can tell you that there are another couple on the way as I have been given books to review by the authors and I am super excited to get round to reading them and then writing reviews in theContinue reading “Review: Under A Starry Sky”

What is Ancient History?

Hello loves! A quick break form the bookish posts to bring you something that was voted for on my twitter and something that I felt should be answered as I get asked this question a lot. I wasn’t able to come up with a different post, so naturally I turned to the Internet 😂. Here’sContinue reading “What is Ancient History?”

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