November TBR

Hello loves!

Today I am bringing you my November TBR for the two readathon I will be participating in this month. Yes, I am doing two readathons at the same time as doing NaNoWriMo because for some reason I like to challenge myself. Keep your eyes peeled for my NaNo post coming soon because I cannot wait to tell you guys what I am going to be writing this year!

Believathon 4

This is the final month long Believathon hosted by How To Train Gavin over on YouTube, the announcement video can be found here!

OK, so I only pulled six cards from the deck this time as I didnt want to give myself too many books to read lol.

Card 18: Read a short book

Jane Austen Investigates, Julia Golding.

I believe this book is under 200 pages so it counts as a short book! I cannot wait to read this book because I loved Julia Golding as an author and I adore Jane Austen and mysteries!

Card 14: Read a book from your childhood

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, Rick Riordan.

I actually held a poll on twitter and you guys voted for Percy Jackson and I am very excited to be reading this book again.

Card 5: Read an anticipated book

The Highland Falcon Thief, M.G.Leonard and Sam Sedgman.

I have wanted to read this book for so long and I am really looking forward to reading another mystery this month.

Card 20: Read a book that features your favourite colour?

Polar Bear Explorer’s Club, Alex Bell.

This book features both blue and yellow which are my two favourite colours! Plus, this book seems so cool and I can’t wait to read it.

Card 6: Read a book set in a faraway place

Orion Lost, Alistair Chisholm.

This book is set in space and is one of Gavin’s favourites! Plus I have a signed copy of it from the Book Festival held in Edinburgh, so expect some pictures.

Card 24: Read a 5 star prediction

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, L.D.Lapinski.

Another book I have wanted to read for ages! I cannot wait to delve into this book and I hope it lives up to my prediction!

NetGalley November

Ok, so this is to try and help me get through my backlog of NetGalley books and I am very excited to read them!

A book published this yeat

Midnight in Everwood, M.A.Kuzniar

This book came out last week and I am so excited to finally get around to reading it and I think that it will help me get into the winter/christmas spirit!

Your oldest aprroval

Conveniently, this is Jane Austen Investigates by Julia Golding!

Book beginning with N

Never Fall For Your Fiancé, Virginia Heath

I don’t know much about this book but as far as I can gather it is a historical fiction romantic comedy and I honestly don’t know what more I could want in this book.

Your latest aprroval

The Christmas Escape, Sarah Morgan.

Another christmassy book to get me into the spirit!

Book with a green cover

The Maid, Nita Prose.

I cannot remember much about this book but I’m pretty sure that I am going to love it.

A book yet to be released

People of the Sun, Ben Gartner.

I know almost nothing about this book so I look forward to learning more as I read it!

A book beginning with “The”

The Fake Up, Justin Myers.

Another romantic comedy type book!

A debut author

She Who Became The Sun, Shelley Parker-Chan.

This is her debut fantasy and I have been reading to read this book for so long and therefore I am glad to finally get a chance to read it!

Most excited for

Our Violent Ends, Chloe Gong

I read These Violent Delights recently and cannot wait to see what happens in the sequel because I know that it is going to be amazing!

And that is all! I don’t think I realised how many books I had decided to read until I wrote them all down here. I am very excited to get into this TBR!!


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