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So today I am bringing you my review for A Murder at Rosings by Anette Purdey Pugh as part of the blog tour hosted by Random Things Tours. I saw the title and immediately knew that this book was something I would love. I mean, a murder mystery combined with Pride and Prejudice, yes please! This book is a fun mystery set against the backdrop of the familiar setting of Rosings and Hunsford from Pride and Prejudice and I had such a great time reading it.

Thank you so much to Random Things Tours and the publisher, Honno, for my physical copy of this book! I will have picture up on my bookstagram shortly (I misplaced the pages I used as a a background and had to reorder some) so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Let’s get into it shall we?


When Mr Collins is found stabbed to death in Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s garden, simmering tensions are revealed beneath the elegant Regency surface of the Rosings estate.  

The prime suspect is Mr Bennet, who was overheard arguing with Mr Collins over the entail of Longbourn in the days before the murder was committed – and who stands to benefit more than anyone from the Rector’sdeath. His daughter Mary uncovers a scandalous secret that holds the key to the murder. Can she prove her father’s innocence in time to save him from the gallows?


ESCAPE score: 48


This book was everything I thought that it would be, it was a great mystery that just completely re-immersed me into the wonderful world of Pride and Prejudice (which you should all know I love with my whole heart by now).

The characters, some of whom we already know and love from Austen’s work, were wonderful written and the new additions made by the author slotted into the world of Rosings and Hunsford seamlessly. I really enjoyed how we got to see all the different servants that made up the household of Rosings and how they all added to the mystery with the information they had at their disposal. I really enjoyed seeing Marry Bennet as, just as is said in the novel, she is often overlooked and while I love Lizzie and Jane I think that I relate to Mary on some level too. Plus, the friendshsip she developed with Anne De Bough was so sweet to watch unfold and provide some light in this murder mystery.

The mystery itself was well constructed and I really enjoyed how it all slowly came together as we received small pieces of information from the investigation and then it all came together in the end to form a very satisfying conclusion. I loved how the plot called back to the original material by mentioning events form the book as well ash entailing of the Longbourne estate, smothering which is a source of conflict in the regional book too. I particularly liked how they were several layers to the story and that the killer wasn’t someone you’d initially expect, I do love a good twist!

The writing was very enjoyable and I really felt transported back into the regency era set amongst the backdrop of Pride and Prejudice. Annette Purdey Pugh clearly knows her stuff and is able to create a wonderful narrative out of it!

If you want to buy the book, you can do so here! The Blackwells link is affiliate

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Author bio

Annette Purdey Pugh grew up in Flintshire and graduated in English from Lancaster University. In a varied career, she has worked as a medical librarian, an optical assistant, and a milkwoman, bottling and delivering milk for almost twenty years to customers in Ceredigion. A writer from childhood, she has won awards for her short stories and poetry at the National Eisteddfod of Wales but was inspired to take up her pen more regularly following an Open University course in Creative Writing. A Murder at Rosings is her first novel, and has its roots in a lifelong love of Jane Austen. She still lives on the family farm in West Wales with her husband and three hundred  sheep.


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