Days of the Week Book Tag

Hello loves!

So the lovely Danni tagged me in this super fun book tag the other day and today I am answering the questions about books based on the days of the week. Thank you for tagging me Danni, you guys should go and check out her blog if you’re not already because it is awesome.

Let us get into the questions!

Secret book Sunday – what book or series do you secretly love you don’t always tell people?

I don’t know because I am pretty vocal about all of the books and series that I love. Maybe Warrior Cats because I know that those books are not very well known, and I seriously loved them so much when I was a kid ( I read them when I was between 8 and 10 years old).

Mash-up Monday – which two books or series do you think would be cool if they were mashed up as one book or series?

The only thing that I can think of is Percy Jackson and then a Rick Riordan presents book. I feel like this is kind of cheating but hey ho. But seriously though, these books have the same vibe because they are either written or endorsed by Rick Riordan and so I know that they would really go well together.

Trilogy Tuesday – what is your favourite trilogy?

I don’t know. I haven’t read a trilogy in so long haha.

Wacky Wednesday – what book has the wackiest story or wackiest cover?

I’m going to steal Danni’s answer and go for the Beast and the Bethany!

That story is so wacky and I absolute loved reading it last year and I cannot wait for the sequel. It’s absolutely hilarious as well so you guys should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

Throwback Thursday – what book or series brings back memories from your past?

I’ve already mentioned it but Warrior Cats. I read this series when I was young and I absolutely loved and thinking about it makes me very nostalgic for my past. Especially because me and my friends all read them together and I absolutely loved that.

Freaky Friday – what book freaked you out the most or what book cover freaked you out the most?

I have said this before and I will say it again, The Woman in Black.

This book freaked me out so much and I cannot think about it too much without starting to feel anxious.

Shelfie Sunday – post a picture of your favourite bookshelf, a couple of bookshelves, or an entire bookcase.

I don’t really have any recent pictures of my shelves, so here is one from January !





Ellie Mai

And anyone else who wants to do the tag.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!


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