The Fellowship of the Ring book tag

Hello loves!

Today I am doing the Fellowship of the Ring tag that was create by  Unputdownable Books and I found it over on Kerri’s blog which you should definitely check out because she does some super cool posts!

I chose to do this tag because not only do I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy but I am also reading through them right now with my friends and I am absolutely loving returning to the world of Middle Earth. I cannot wait to read the final book in the trilogy at the end of May because that makes me incredible excited haha. Anyways, let us get into the post!


Gandalf – a book that taught you something.

T.H.U.G. by Angie Thomas.

This book taught me more about the experience of BIPOC people last year and of course it is best to learn more through non-fiction and articles e.t.c but I learnt a lot and it made me really think more about my privilege as a white woman.

Frodo – a book that left a mark on you.

Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicol.

OMG this book was absolutely incredible and it seriously left a mark on me even though I only read last week. I just loved this book so much and you guys really need to go and pick it up as soon as possible because it is truly one of the best books that I have ever read.

Legolas – a book you finished in one sitting.

Camp by L.C. Rosen.

I read this in one day at the end of February and it is absolutely incredible. It is a fun romance set at a summer camp in America that is all about supporting LGBTQ+ kids and it is just so much fun. Plus, it is to do with theatre and I’m sure that you guys are well aware how much I love that.

Gimli – a book that features an unlikely friendship.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas.

I mean we have Yadriel and Julian who are definitely an unlikely friendship that turns into something more. Again, I loved this book so much and the relationship between Yadriel and Julian is just the best thing ever!

Merry – a book that pleasantly surprised you.

Lore of Prometheus by Austin Grant.

I didn’t have any idea what to expect going into this because I had forgotten the blurb from when I signed up and the book turned out to be incredible! I mean, it did win the BBNYA award last year so I don’t know why I didn’t expect more lol.

Pippin – a book that made you laugh.

Red, White & Royal Blu by Casey McQuiston.

This book had me howling at several points and so it was the only natural choice for this prompt. Seriously though I was glad I was alone in my flat because my flatmates probably would’ve thought that I was a bit crazy haha.

Boromir – a book/series you think ended too soon.

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys.

I really wanted to read more about the life that Daniel and Ana made for themselves after Franco had been deposed because that would’ve been incredibly interesting. However I do think that the end was perfect and very in keeping with the tone of the book.

Sam – a book with memorable side characters who stole the show.

Frostheart by Jamie Littler.

I obviously loved the main character Ash but I can point out that I loved the crew of The Frostheart because they were all so cool and I think that they were really what made the book as much fun as it was.

Aragorn – a good book with a bad/average cover.

Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist.

I don’t want to say that the cover is bad but this book is absolutely incredible and I feel like the cover doesn’t do the amazingness of the book justice. I really did love this book and I thought that everyone should read it immediately.

Gollum – a book that had great potential but disappointed you in the end.

Herai by Aaron D.Key.

The premise of this book had me incredibly interested and then the book didn’t live up to the expectations that I had for it. I was incredibly confused most of the time so that didn’t help either.


I’m not going to tag anyone specifically because, like the Derry Girls tag I am unsure who would be interested in doing this tag so feel free to do it if you want to!

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!


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2 thoughts on “The Fellowship of the Ring book tag

  1. OOO!!! I’m totally doing this one!

    Interesting answers! Cemetery Boys sounds like a fitting book for the Gimli prompt. I hear such great things about it. I have it on my TBR and will probably wait for October/November to get closer before I read it.

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