Songbird, review

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I have another requested review for you guys today and this time it is for the first book in a trilogy! I have the second book of the trilogy now for another requested review and I am very excited to see what is going to happen next as you will see when I go into full in gush mode in a second. The book I am reviewing today is Songbird, by J.Victoria Michael and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you guys!

Thank you to Odyssey Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and of course thank you in advance for the second book in this trilogy I will get to it as soon as I can!

Let’s get into the review…


A twentieth century woman is lost in a fantasy world with nothing but the clothes on her back and her innate humanity.  This is the story of her compelling need to redefine herself.

When Irenya O’Neil suffers a panic attack and falls into the realm of Dar Orien, a world with a failed MageGate system, she finds herself unable to return home to her infant son – she is trapped in a nightmare that tests her sanity. 

Confronted with evidence that she possesses a Gift of power, Irenya attempts to control her fledgling talent through music. This could be her ticket home. But Irenya becomes mired in the civil unrest that has befallen Dar Orien. Sickened by the bloodshed and fearful for her own safety, Irenya is desperate to find her way home.

summary is from goodreads


ESCAPE score: 50


Ok, so first of all the characters were really well written and I absolutely loved Ireyna as the protagonist. Especially because we got to see her go through a whole load of emotions and some really tough times mentally and that wasn’t something that I had seen in a lot of books and it was great to get such an in depth look at her psyche as she experienced some rather strange events. Speaking of this, I loved watching her grow as well and I cannot wait to see where her story goes in the next book. And omg, Elaaron was such a good character too and the will they won’t they relationship is killing me and the way it ended this book makes me want to read on ASAP. Of course the remaining cast of characters were well written also and, as I have said so many times I look forward to seeing where their stories go in the second book of this trilogy.

The plot was crafted wondrously and oh my lord that ending was so intense! I was sat there afterwards slightly confused and expectant for the next book, which I of course now have (thanks Odyssey Books once again). Exploring the fantasy world with Ireyna and unraveling everything with her was so much fun and I cannot wait to see how the mystery continues to unfold and watch as she figures out exactly where she fits into the fantasy world because she certainly belongs there. That is clear from reading the book and seeing how she interacts with everyone. Plus, all the politics and magic in the book drew me in straight away too as it is really interesting and unique.

The wring was stung and I really admire her skill unmaking such an intersintg and complex world as well as characters that have such depth to them. I just really, really enjoyed this book and as I have said probably a little too much I cannot wait until I read the next book because I look forward to delving back into the world and story she had created as well as the fact that I have this innate desire to find out what the hell is going to happen after that ending!!

Anyways, I loves this book so much and if you guys like adult fantasy then maybe consider checking it out!

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