Woody’s Roundup Readathon announcement!

Hello loves!

I hae a very fun and exciting post for you guys today and that is to announce the wonderful Woody’s Roundup Readathon that is happening throughout the month of February and is run by the absolutely lovely Lily over at Literary Lilly on YouTube and Twitter (I will link her and my other co-hosts below).

So a little while ago Lily, who organised a Pixar themed readathon last summer asked if anyone wanted to help her co-host a Toy Story themed readathon and of course I jumped at the chance! I will explain how it all works and then what prompts are needed for my team as well as linking the full list of prompts, but I recommend you go and watch Lily’s video as she will no doubt explain it better than I did.

Anyways, without further ado let’s get into the information about this Toy Story themed readathon…


The aim of the game is simple: PICK A TEAM AND START COLLECTING YOUR TOYS.

There are seven teams, all with their own team captain to help motivate everyone and come up with book ideas if your struggling to come up with some for any of the prompts. I am team captain for Team Bonnie and all the other captains as well as the teams are listed below with links to the other captains main social media where they will be posting their announcement and TBR.

Each team has a list of toys they need to collect, to do so you need to complete the prompts that are listed below and in the document for the readathon. You need a unique book for each prompt (no doubling up prompts!) so make sure you
check the number of toys and their prompts carefully before declaring your team!
Anything that appears on Goodreads counts, so comics, audiobooks, eBooks and graphic novels are all ok as long as they are on goodreads.

To do this, you need to “steal” your book that fits the prompt for that Toy.
Now, this is not me telling you to go out and steal books from shops so please don’t go and do that! What you need to do is steal a book from someone else’s TBR (it doesn’t have to be a pixarathon one!) or borrow a book from your library or a loved one. Any toy can be stolen but you must read a “stolen” book that fits its prompt to steal it.

Of course, like with Pixarathon, I highly encourage you to bend the prompts as much as you needto make your books fit! As long as you can justify how it fits that prompt, that’s all that matters. Each team captain will be choosing a team book as well, and this book can be used to collect any required toy or steal another team’s toy but it can only be used to fo that once!!


Team Andy Lily

Team book: Diary of a Young Naturalist

Team SidKira

Team book: Wilder Girls

Team Al’s Toy BarnDaryan

Team book: Strange the dreamer

Team Bonnie – ME!!

Team book: Frostheart

Team Sunnyside DaycareHelen

Team book: The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Team Lost ToysSarah

Team book: The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree

Team Second Chance AntiquesElise

Team book: The Stars and Blackness Between Them

Team Bonnie

So I am team leader for Team Bonnie!!

For Team Bonnie you need to collect the toys bellow using the prompts that are next to them, and our team book is Frostheart, by Jamie Littler and that can be used to replace any one of the prompts listed below.

  • Woody: a book with a historical setting
  • Peas in a pod: a book featuring close siblings
  • Mr Pricklepants: a book you consider “serious”
  • Chuckles: a book you think is sad
  • Trixie: a book that has computers as a focus
  • Buttercup: a fantasy book
  • Dolly: a book with a purple cover
  • Forky: read some trash

Team Bonnie has been encouraged to steal any of Andy’s or Sunnyside Daycare’s prompts so that gives us a lot to choose from!

I really hope you guys chose to be on my team, I know we are going to have so much fun and read loads of good books.

I will have a TBR post up at the end of January/start of February if you want to know which books I picked to fulfil the prompts and maybe some of the toys that I am planning on stealing.

For a full list of prompts and a reminder of the rules, check out this document which you can print and use to track your progress and make your TBR! (linked here)

The links leads you to full folder with all the information but you guys just need the document!!

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!


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6 thoughts on “Woody’s Roundup Readathon announcement!

  1. Great post Livy! This sounds like such a fun readathon. Unfortunately, I’m going to be so busy in February and won’t be able to take part, but I hope you co-host other readathons soon as I’ll try to take part then. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun, so good luck to you and your team and happy reading!

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