The Obsidian Mask, review

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Do we have another 2020 review today? You bet ya, hahaha.

In all seriousness, today I have a review for The Obsidian Mask by Caroline Ludovici which is a middle grade book set around an archaeological site and I really loved it! Of course I would love to thank the author for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, and thanks to Ellie over at Read to Ramble for introducing me to this great book.


Natasha and Alex imagined their long awaited trip from London to visit their archaeologist mother’s excavation would be amazing. After all, the team was uncovering the tomb of an ancient Mesopotamian Warrior Queen and her fascinating, precious possessions. But almost immediately upon their arrival in Medinabad, they are ambushed at gunpoint en-route to the camp, and the shaken children doubt things could get any worse. But they are wrong. Reluctantly thrown together with two Italian teens visiting their father at the dig, the four embark on a thrilling desert adventure that will tie them together… in more ways than one.

summary is from goodreads.


ESCAPE score: 50


I loved how this book was based around archeology, you should know why if you’ve been following me for a little while because I study Ancient History and did some archaeology last year and it made me super happy.

The plot itself cool, with the children really taking the forefront and of course manning to rescue themselves and bond over the course of a summer. I just thought it was super cool, as you know already, how the story was moved along by the events at the dig because it is not often that they are at the fore of books about archaeology. I also really liked the fact that it all sorted itself out by the end of the book with promise for another book with how it finishes off. I really want to see what all the kids get upto the next summer in Sicily I think they are going to. In addition, there was a great flashback at the beginning which sets up the premise off the book as it takes place in the city that they are excavating and I loved how events of the flashback came back throughout the discovery of the city in the present day.

Speaking about the kids, they are all wonderful characters who grow her the course of the book and learned about themselves as well as making some new friends with whom they are super close with by the end. My other favourite characters were Natasha and Marcello, because not only do they have the coolest lives but they are the best parents (for the most part, I mean their children get held at gunpoint but you know) and genuinely nice people. Perhaps I like them the most out of the cast due to their passion for archaeology and history which I have too! But in all seriousness the characters here are wonderful and they really helped to make the story.

The writing of this book was great and absolutely perfect for the age range and was able to keep me thoroughly engaged too! I finished this on the flight back home from Edinburgh and was going to pace myself reading it in the airport but I couldn’t help myself because I just wanted to find out what happened. I also have to mention how amazing the description of the archaeological site was and the objects too because it just made me so happy and decided that it was just perfect.

Overall, make sure you give this book a read if you love middle grade and archaeology!

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!

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