Halloween Creatures Tag

Hello loves!

I know that once again, this Halloween tag is slightly late but what can you do? Today, we have another tag for which the wonderful Danni again tagged me in. So, once again I will tell you to go and check out her incredible blog!

And, as per usual, without further ado let us get into the wonderful questions…

Witches: a book or character that is magical.

Children of Blood and Bone, by Tom Adeyemi.

The plot of this book is literally based around magic and therefore it is the prefect book for this prompt. I actually need to read the sequel ASAP because it has been sitting in my physical TBR for months now and because I loved the first one so much I am sure that I will really enjoy the second book just as much (although I have heard that it isn’t as well loved as book one though).

Mummies: a book, series or author you can’t wrap your mind around.

The Devil and the Dark Water, by Stuart Turton.

I still can’t quite fathom what happened at the end of this book. It was absolutely wild and while I loves that and made several untinteligable noises after I finished it because I was so confused by all of the twists that Turton put in.

Vampires: a book, series of author you can’t live without.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

You guys know by now how much I love this book so it should be no surprise that this is my answer to this prompt. I just love this book so much, I think that it is time for me to rewatch the BBC Pride and Prejudice!

Werewolves: a book best read at the middle of the night.

Nothing scary! Probably something comforting such as North Child, Edith Pattou.

I am currently reading North Child for a buddy read with the lovely Lily over at A Home for the Lost (YouTube, twitter and isnta) and loving it so far. It is just such a lovely and wholesome book, which simply makes it perfect to read at midnight and make me cosy and ready to go sleep.

Zombies: a book you picked up for a second time or continued after DNFing it.

I don’t DNF books so, sadly I do not have an answer for this one.

Ghosts: a character that you saw right through or a book you easily predicted a twist or ending of.

Meet Me in London, by Georgia Toffolio.

A classic, Christmas romance involving a fake dating trope. The only reason I could predict the ending was because I have watched so many rom coms that I know the tropes so well. This book is actually perfect for the upcoming season so maybe you guys should and check it out.

Frankenstein: a book that truly shocked you.

The Versions of Us, by Laura Barnett.

This book shocked me by how emotional it was. I mean, it had me almost crying in London Waterloo and actually crying in my bedroom when I read the ending. I was expecting a lovely romance with the butterfly effect thrown in but what I actually got was an insane and emotional rollercoaster from the very first page.

Skeletons: a book or character that chilled you to the bone or got your funny bone.

Silas from The Doll Factory, by Elizabeth Macneal.

This guy is creepy, enough said.

Ghouls: a book that left you hungry or a recipe you want to try from a book.

The Ship of Shadows, by Maria Kuzniar.

All the cake in this book and me craving cake, I mean I’m always craving cake but this was like on another level. It sounded so good! I mean who doesn’t want high seas adventures and cake?

Goblins: a greedy character or a character that loves gold and jewellery.

I don’t know any that I have read about, so tragically another prompt with no answer.

Devil: a dark, evil character.

Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle.

This guy is diabolical and a genius. He truly is evil.

I love how Andrew Scott played him in the BBC TV series, I mean what an awesome actor right!

Grim Reaper: a character you loved or hated that died.

Rudy: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

Again, I think my answer speaks for itself here. This book destroyed me and it was Rudy’s death that got me.

Scarecrows: a book or character that scares you.

The Woman in Black, Susan Hill.

It’s terrifying and I’m a huge wuss.

The Monster Mash: tag your friends to join in!






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4 thoughts on “Halloween Creatures Tag

  1. I have to agree with you on Silas, and The Woman in Black was certainly creepy! I thought the ending was the best part of The Devil and the Dark Water, but you’re right, a lot of interesting things happened!

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