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I have another exciting tag for you guys today, the summer bucket list tag that the lovely Danni and I am very excited to do this one as I love bucket lists and answering bookish questions. Before I get into it, let me tell you the rules of the tag.


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The Questions

Hit the beach : a book set by the sea

The Ship of Shadows, by Maria Kuzniar.

You guys should all know by now that I have an endless amount of love for this wonderful debut novel and Mia is such a wonderful author. Because this book partly takes place on a oat and in several harbours (Seville and Tangier) I just had to use this book as an answer to this question. The setting of this book is incredibly beautiful and the Ship of Shadows is just stunning and I really want to live somewhere with magic and shadows just like the magical boat in the book. Also, the cover is just incredible! Go read it !!

If you want to see my full review, you can see it here.

Watch fireworks: a book that had a fiery romance

I’m only just getting into romance books but any book by Sarah J Maas always involves a fiery romance and so I’m just going to include all of them as my answer to this prompt.

I remember reading this book and being slightly shocked by the amount of fiery romance in these books, especially because I was only like 14 when I read them! However, the rest of the romance was very lovely and I mean at this point who doesn’t want Rhysand to be there boyfriend??

Go for a road trip: a book that involves a journey

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Alice Saenz.

So I’m actually yet to read this book but I am very excited to delve into it for the self development prompt of the Demigods readathon 2020 for the Athena cabin.

To my understanding, Aristotle and Dante at least go on a mental journey and I hope that there is a roadtrip involved because I love a good roadtrip story!

Camp under the stars: a book that had you star struck

Under a Starry Sky, by Laura Kemp.

This book was the first romance that I read and the first audiobook that I properly listened to. I was just absolutely blown away by this wonderful book and the lovely relationships that it chronicled.

I dived head first into this book and am now very fond of romance books (what have I done, lol).

For my full review, you can check it out here.

Marathon some movies: a book you couldn’t put down

The Beast and the Bethany, by Jack Meggit-Phillips.

I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in just under 24 hours. It was so wonderful and witty that I just had to read it as soon as I possibly could. I also need to read this book for a tour that I am part of in a couple weeks, so make sure to look out for my full review post. Just know that I loved it and thought that it was absolutely hilarious.

My stop is the 28th so keep your eyes open for that.

Go out for some ice cream: a book with a sweet romance

The Switch, by Beth O’Leary

I am still listening to this lovely and light hearted story on audiobook and loving it. The romance that I am loving is Lena and Jackson and I hope that they get together ASAP because Ethan is a wet blanket who needs to be ditched because he is not right for Lena.

Also Elaine is just incredible and I really want her to be happy in her love life. I have a sneaky suspicion that her and Arnold might get together but I actually have no idea is she will even end up with anyone.

I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next!

Picnic in the park: a book that was a breath of fresh air

The Crowns of Croswald, by D.E.Night.

This book was a breath of fresh air because it reminded me how much of a joy reading magical MG can be (obviously the Ship of Shadows did this too), simply because it reminded me of how I felt when I read Harry Potter by she who must not be named for the first time and so i recommend reading this if you want to find an MG to replace Harry Potter.

If you want to see my full review, you can check it out here.

Go for a hike: a character who conquered an obstacle

Ok, so most of the books that I read feature a character overcoming an obstacle but the one that I am going to choose is…

Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine, by Michael A. Gordon.

So, this book is about a British boy in NY and his crazy. Inventor uncle who invents a time machine (lots of crazy stuff goes on but that’s the main point of the plot). The obstacle that Barnaby has to overcome is simply a villain kidnapping his fried that he realises he has a major crush on, whilst dealing with the fact that he has the ability to wield crazy powers from the crystals that power the time machine.

I loved this book and thought that the villain was handled very well, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!

My review is here so feel free to check it out here

Grill some BBQ: a book featuring delicious food

The Secret Letters, by Taryn Leigh.

This book is set in South Africa and makes a brief stop in Switzerland and features some incredibly delicious sounding food. As I was reading I wanted to eat all of the cool food that the characters were eating. Food played quite a large role as the wonderful Mr Lemon used to be a chef and was pretty good at that!

If you want a full review to see all of my thoughts, check it out here!

Watch the sunset: a book that inspires you

Me and White Supremacy, by Layla F. Saad.

So, I am very slowly listening to this on audiobook and taking my time to learn about the privilege that I hold as a white personal, something that I was quite unaware of. Layla F.Saad takes you though 28 days of learning accompanied by some reflective journaling prompts to help you learn and understand more. I will do a full blog post about this when I get round to finishing the audiobook.

You can buy these books here (some links are affiliate)

Amazon / Blackwells / Waterstones

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