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Review: Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine

Hello loves!

So I was kindly given this book by the author to review and I really enjoyed it!

It’s an MG that will start pushing towards YA as the books continue all about time travel.

Barnaby Brown and the Time Machine, by Michael A Gordon



Barnaby is an English boy, new to New York and daunted by the prospect of making new friends.

Adventure begins when Barnaby discovers that the ‘Teleport device’ he thinks his mad uncle has been working on is actually a time machine!

Powered by an alien crystal that endows the holder with great powers, the devices use awakens the watchful eyes of those who have been moderating them in the universe for millenia.

It’s not long before billionaire arms dealer arms manufacturer Darius Dent, learns of its existence and hatches his own plans for the device.

Join Barnaby and friends in a journey through Nazi occupation, alien words and much more.


First of all, the characters are great and well developed with their own witty banter and inside jokes. Barnaby himself is great as a main character and a typical 15 year old who gets sucked into the world of time travel and aliens. Darius Dent is a great villain and while I wasn’t completely blindsided by the reveal I was still shocked because he seemed so charming. In addition, the alien race of moderators are also well explained so I feel like I know enough about them to understand them and their powers as well as the society that they live in.

The fact that there is an additional fight between the aliens gives it an additional layer of complexity and I really enjoyed it.

Mathias Finch is also very cool, I always love a crazy scientist character but Mathias is so lovely and caring that I want my own Uncle Finch in my life.

The actual time travel aspect was handled very well and explained well at the start so that I understood it before everything went down. The time travel was clearly well researched when they actually went back in time to Nazi occupied Jersey as well as the Battle of Britain.

Also, the set up for the second book was great and the fact that it linked into the prologue made me satisfied because I love a book with cyclical structure.

The story is very well written and it made it very easy to follow the story as it progressed and I am very excited for the next books in the series. Especially because I am a massive history nerd and the next book dives more into Ancient History (such as Pompeii, Carthage and Delphi) !

I will be keeping my eyes out and you should too!

Like I said I was provided this book by the author, but all of the opinions are my own.

See you soon.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!



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