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So I was tagged by the wonderful bellerosereads to take part in her original Taylor Swift’s Folklore book tag.

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Hey everyone! Welcome to a very special post of mine that I wasn’t expecting to do (thank you miss Swift for the pleasant surprise folklore was), but…

Taylor Swift’s Folklore Book Tag (Original)

So, without further ado lets get into this awesome book tag!

P.s i love folklore and I can just imagine listening to it in Edinburgh while it rains…


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The 1 – a book you wanted to read but never did

Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J.Maas

So, a couple years ago I was absolutely obsessed with this series and I would devour every book there was by SJM but for some reason I just stopped despite the fact that I had really looked forward to reading it. I think that by the time that the books came out I was not as into the series as I had been when I finished the books that were already out.

Alas, I was so close to finishing the series but it was never meant to be.

Cardigan – a character that didn’t end up with their first love interest

Feyre from the ACOTAR series by Sarah J.Maas (another SJM novel haha, I don’t really read her anymore but I went through a phase)

I am always thankful that Feyre ended up with Rhys and not Tamlin who was an absolute disgrace.

Aelin also did the same thing but she had two previous options before meeting Rowan.

Clearly it’s an SJM thing, LOL.

The Last Great American Dynasty – a book with an epic female protagonist

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

We all now that Katniss is a badass and I love her with all of my heart. I still have the books on my shelves and I might keep them there forever as they will always be special to me. Katniss has so many strings to her bow (excuse the pun), she can hunt and she’s feisty and she can fight as well. Oof, I love Katniss so much and I would love to be her (minus the actual Hunger Games part) to have her confidence and resilience becasue lord knows I need some of that in my life generally.

While lots of other books have badass female heroines, she was the first one that came to mind so I put her down as my answer.

Exile – a book about walking out of a toxic relationship

Under A Starry Sky by Laura Kemp

While the character that walks away from a toxic relationship isn’t the main character, Annie’s story takes up a large chunk of the narrative and I really fell into it.

Annie spends most of the story fighting to get away from her abusive ex husband Dean, physically and mentally. Annie’s story was so beautiful and it really made my heart ache whenever I read about her plight against Dean and her desire to be rid of him. Dean was truly a piece of work and I hated hi so badly so when Annie got rid of him I was so happy.

My Tears Ricochet – the fictional couple that made you suffer the most

Violet and Finch from All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Those of you who have read this book or watched the movie then you will know what I mean when I talk about how wonderful this couple is and how much they make you suffer by the end of the book. Another oof here because I love these two so much and when I tell you that the move made me sob I mean it. I was there with tears streaming down my face at like 1am at the ending. Why did it have to end that way?

Mirrorball – a swoon-worthy, sweet couple

Wanda and Lou from Under A Starry Sky by Laura Kemp

I love these two, pretty much all of my notes were me screaming in all caps about how cute these two are. I mean, they went on a sunrise walk up a mountain and overcame their troubled pasts to be together in their present, while supporting each other’s future plans. They are just soooo swoon-worthy and I loved listening to their story as it developed and their relationship made my heart melt with pure joy.

Seven – a book with fae characters

The 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

Not a traditional pick but, I loved this series as a kid and it’s another one that will always have a special place in my heart. It’s actually a trilogy and sadly I lost my copy of the third book but the first two are signed by the author who I met at my school because she came to do a talk.

It’s a trilogy that centres around a girl who can see fairies and another who gets stuck in the fae realm after getting trapped on the search for her changeling brother.

Go read this underrated MG trilogy

August – a book you’ve read very fast

The Tattooist of Auschwitz, by Heather Morris

I read this book in less than one day and it was wonderful. I read it that fast because I had to rest my ankle after twisting it badly but it was very fun. I loved it and it broke my heart. The story is incredible and beautiful, but what makes it better is the fact that it’s true.

The relationship that is a centre of the story is so heartwarming and the fact that it endured through everything makes it even more special and incredible. Just, another great romance story that I love (can you tell I love romance plots ?).

This Is Me Trying – a coming of age book

Dumplin by Julie Murphy

Another great YA that I love that has been adapted into a Netflix movie. While I do not love the Netflix movie because it’s changed some of the book lie the ending which I always love. A story that is about excepting yourself for who you are and all of your insecurities.

The idea that anyone can enter a beauty pageant is inspiring and I think that more people need to read this book and appreciate it’s beauty and important message about self love. Or watch the movie and forget about how it cuts out major parts of the book plot.

Illicit Affairs – a book with a forbidden love

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

There are actually two forbidden loves in this book and both of these romance are great. One is slower an the other is enemies to lovers.

The love is forbidden because of their classes and the fact that Zelie has magic and Inan doesn’t. I loved these two forbidden loves and they made me so happy. It’s such a shame that Inan and Zelie didn’t work out, so I will hold out the hope that Amari and Zelie’s brother wokr out.

Invisible String – a book featuring a road trip

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This book is centred around an entire road trip and I love all of the travel, especially the fact that it enhances the relationship between Violet and Finch as well as the significance of it to Violet in her recovery from her sister’s death.

I want to go to all of the places that they go to, especially the book fair thing because I love the idea of a book fair and I will definitely try to go to some now that I know that they exist.

Mad Woman – your favourite female villain

Milady de Winter from the Three Muketeers by Alexander Dumas

While I have actually never read this book, Milady is still my favourite female villain. I have however watched the BBC adaptation and it was incredible, I watched all three series in like a week because it was so good! I now that at some point I will have to read this masterpiece of literature.

Epiphany – a book that made everything disappear while you were having a rough time

Vox by Christina Dalcher

So, this book is incredible and was my first five star read of the year and I read it super quickly at the beginning of the year while I was going through a personal crisis because it was the start of a new decade. The book made everything vanish for a couple of days and while the book was very intense it made me happy while I was freaking out over what my future might hold.

I know that this book was very hyped up for a while and it definitely deserves it, I haven’t written a full review because I didn’t have my blog then but let me tell you that I loved it.

Go read it!

Betty – a book with a second-chance trope

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

So, I know that this isn’t the traditional use for a second-chance trope but Lizzie gives Darcy a second chance after his first proposal in Kent. Over the course of the story Lizzie changes and realises that Darcy is actually not who she thought he was after their first meeting, and their love story is so beautiful written I love it so much.

Also, Jane and Mr Bingley also sort of have a second chance at love after he heads to London with his sisters after they and Darcy intervene because they believe that Jane isn’t right for Bingley due to her social standing.

I just love this book some much!

Peace – a book with a passionate affair that wasn’t meant to be

Rome and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Well, we all know why these two lovers don’t get their happy ending. I don’t really like this play but I thought that it would be a great answer for this prompt. Their affair is passionate as well as short lived as they were young and stupid. Two star crossed lovers whose passionate affair wasn’t meant to be.

Hoax – the saddest book you remember reading

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett

While there are obviously other sadder books with more harrowing plot lines but this book made me actually cry, one of the rare occasions when a book has actually done this.

If you’ve read this book you’ll know what I’m talking about but that ending really got to me! I was genuinely crying and it deeply affected me.


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Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!



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