Review: Under A Starry Sky

Hello loves!

And we’re back to the regularly scheduled book posts with another review and I can tell you that there are another couple on the way as I have been given books to review by the authors and I am super excited to get round to reading them and then writing reviews in the meantime.

But, I recently listened to this on audiobook after getting it from Net Galley and oooffff. I got very invested in this story and the characters so quickly, essentially I fell into the world of the campsite and the lives of everyone in the village.

So, here you guys go!!

Under A Starry Sky, by Laura Kemp

Narrated by Claire Morgan


This book was so wonderful and incredibly heart warming. I ended up getting way too invested in the relationships and the dramas of the characters, I made so many notes on my phone screaming in frustration or joy as the story progressed and got more complicated.

Laura Kemp created a wonderful romantic story set against the stunning backdrop of a small village and campsite in the Welsh countryside. It helps to bring out the romantic moments with gorgeous sunsets and beautiful starry skies as well as helping add drama and tension in the moments that need, especially because the mountain plays such a dramatic role in the story.

I will keep this review spoiler free, but I just wanted to say that the ending of the book was beautiful and sweet, as I lay there listening to beautiful voice of Claire Morgan narrating the Epilogue I was smiling form ear to ear and very happy with how everything went down.

I just fell in love with all the characters and the wonderful story that Laura Kemp has crafted. It’s the perfect summer read because it’s a wonderful romance story that has its tense moments but it is lighthearted and fun and easy to read or listen to as I did.

The narration of the audiobook is wonderfully done as well, Claire Morgan did an absolutely spectacular job.

Her voice helped the story to really flow at a good pace, she spoke at exactly the right pace to ensure that and she really bought the characters to life, especialy the Welsh accents! Her voice really helped to bring the story to life as I sat and listened to it, really enhancing the experience of this sweet story. Claire was wonderful narrator and I really hope that I get to listen to another audiobook by her at some point.

While these opinions are all my own, I was kindly procided this audiobook by Netgalley so I’d like to thank them for giving me this opportunity to enjoy this wonderful book!

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning!



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7 thoughts on “Review: Under A Starry Sky

  1. ahh wonderful review! this seems like such a cute, lighthearted read and ive added it to my tbr list! 🙂


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