The Ship of Shadows

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So today is my stop on the blog tour for this wondrous MG pirate book, as well as its publication day! This book is a cosy and action packed adventure filled with magic and a badass crew of female pirates, as we follow their hijinks both on the high seas and in Morocco.

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Aleja whiles away her days in her family’s dusty tavern in Seville, dreaming of distant lands and believing in the kind of magic that she’s only ever read about in books. After all, she’s always being told that girls can’t be explorers.

But her life is changed forever when adventure comes for her in the form of a fabled vessel called the Ship of Shadows. Crewed by a band of ruthless women, with cabin walls dripping with secrets, the ship has sailed right out of a legend. And it wants Aleja.

Once on board its shadowy deck, she begins to realize that the sea holds more secrets than she ever could have imagined. The crew are desperately seeking something, and their path will take them through treacherous waters and force them to confront nightmare creatures and pitch-dark magic. It will take all of Aleja’s strength and courage to gain the trust of her fellow pirates – and discover what they are risking everything to find.

My thoughts

So, if you follow me over on instagram or twitter you will know how much I love this pirate MG with all my heart and Maria (whose author bio will be below) is a lovely human whose writing is simply wonderful and super comforting.

First off, the amount of love that I hold for the characters who crew the ship of shadows is almost immeasurable because they are just all so wonderful. Every member of the crew is written to be well rounded and badass, including my favourite crew member Frances who I desperately need as my best friend to provide me cake on all of my adventures. I mean, who doesn’t love cake?

Equally, the protagonist Aleja is a beautiful character and I want to be her friend as well because she loves books and adventures even more than me. I wish that we could scramble across the roofs of Seville and sneak into the incredible university library together. Aleja, simply put, is a young girl who wants nothing more that to be out sailing on the open sea, how could you not fall in love with her?

Speaking of the university library, the prominence of books and reading in this story makes my book loving heart happy (I’ve said books way too many times now). The library onboard the Ship of Shadows is so incredible and now I want a magical library of my own now too! The descriptive writing in this book makes the settings jump off the page and into my imagination as I read all about the various exotic locations that this book takes you too.

I just adore the fact that the main body of the plot is based in Morocco, as well as the sea and Ship of Shadows. It gives the story a unique setting because I haven’t read that many books set there and it was described so gorgeously that I could just imagine myself there on the adventures with the characters as they got up to all sorts of mischief.

And of course, how could I not mention the ship of shadows itself and how it is a wondrous world of magic, which sparkles on the page and in my imagination making me want to live in the world that has magic around every corner as well as hidden rooms and secret passageways. If I was given the choice to jump on an adventure on the Ship of Shadows, I would take it immediately, no questions asked.

Basically, go buy this book!! Links below 😊

Lastly, I am very excited to read the next instalment in this incredible series as I am dying to know what happens to the crew next.

While all the opinions are my own, I was provided an eARC by NetGalley and the publisher as well as being part of the blog tour for this book.

Author Bio

Maria Kuzniar spent six years living in Spain, teaching English and travelling the world, which inspired her debut novel The Ship of Shadows. Now she lives in Nottingham with her husband, where she reads and writes as much as she can and bookstagrams at @cosyreads. She is always planning her next adventure.

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